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Major Construction Projects In Nigeria

Posted on 26 August, 2014 at 6:51 Comments comments (279)

Construction project planning

Posted on 8 September, 2011 at 19:19 Comments comments (191)
Tips in Project Planning
Pre - construction Phase
To guarantee a successful project from project initiation to completion, the project owner must develop an overall strategic programme. This programme should ideally be a gant chart developed using a project management software like Asta Powerproject. The programme should  be logic linked and identify the critical path of the project. For a typical development the main stages may include the following key activities:
  • Initiation
  • Evaluation
  • Acquisition
  • Design & Costings
  • Permissions
  • Commitment
  • Implementation (Construction)
  • Let/Manage/Dispose
This programme would if properly developed with input from all the stake holders, would give a reasonable indication of the overall duration of the project. The programme should be used by the Project Manager to drive the project, it should also be monitored on a regular basis e.g every week. Focus should always be on the critical path. The programme should be updated once a month.This gives the client would inform the client what stage every aspect of his project is on a weekly basis
Tender Phase
The contractors bidding for the project should develop a logic linked design, procurement and construction programme at tender stage. This programme is called the Tender programme. This programme should align with the clients overall programme. An alternative programme which would provide cost and programme savings would usually be welcomed by the client.
Construction phase (Design & Build)
The successful main contractor would on appointment develop his tender programme (which would include design, procurement and construction programmes) into a Master programme, ensuring that the main contractor's Project manager takes ownership of this programme.Subcontractors and suppliers should input into this programme
This programme should be used to manage the project,and should be monitored on a weekly basis. Weekly monitoring would identify delays at an early start, therefore allow early mitigation measures to be taken. The main contractor would usually provide a month progress report to the client. The client's team would also carry out an independent assessment of the contractors programme.